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GOBLOT an Affordable and Flexible Western Blot Processor

The GOBlot Western Blot processor is a reliable fluid delivery device for reproducibly probing blots and membranes with primary and secondary antibodies. It was developed after communication with hundreds of research scientists over the past two years. They required a cost effective machine that would reproduce the hands-on method using a rocker platform and exchange buffers manually.

The GOBlot allows the operator to load up to two membranes which will be probed with the same antibody solution. The operator loads blocking solution, primary and secondary antibodies, and chooses a program from the four pre-loaded routines and presses the start button, its as easy as that!

Return after four hours to develop your blot using fluorescence, chemiluminescence or another method of detection. The machine is designed to be modular and economical so that you can utilize multiple machines running at different times with different routines and different antibodies, in other words, its very flexible for multiple users.

For pricing and to view the detailed product manual type the product code WBM01 in the search box opposite.