Lateral Flow Reagent Dispenser

Lateral Flow Reagent Dispenser
Overview :
ClaremontBio’s Lateral Flow Reagent Dispenser is an inexpensive and reliable alternative for dispensing reagents onto membranes or paper. Our Lateral Flow Reagent Dispenser is ideal for development or small-scale production lateral flow or paper-based fluidic applications.

Peer-Reviewed Citations & References : 
Lateral Flow Reagent Dispenser Citations and References

Key Features :
• Reproducible, well defined test lines
• No heating of reagents
• Non-contact, adjustable dispense tips
• Dispense colloidal conjugate or viscous solutions
• Interchangeable and low-cost dispense heads and tips
• Adjustable dispense volume
• Simultaneous dispensing of up to 4 lines (customizable for additional lines)
• Accommodates 30 cm membrane length of varying width
• Use your existing syringe pump or purchase from ClaremontBio
• Coming Soon: Adaptable to dispense dots for flow-through assays

Specifications :
• Dimensions (L x W x H): 457 x 146 x 75 mm (excluding external power supply and syringe pump)
• Weight: 2.45 kg
• Power: 120 VAC; provides variable 3 – 12 V DC to ALFRD
• Dispense Area (L x W): 302 x 64 mm

Applications :
• Lateral Flow / Immunochromatographic strip test / Rapid Diagnostic Tests (RTDs)
• Paper-based fluidics assays
• Flow-through assays

Catalogue Number 07.711.01   

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