0.65ml Natural Polypropylene Microtubes

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  • Uses include: bacterial & hybridoma cell uptake, receptor binding assays, CMV/HSV testing, RIA/EIA serial dilution, cell harvesting, recombinant DNA work, etc.
  • Racks, with SBS footprint, feature 8×12 hole pattern on 9mm center. making compatible with robotic workstations & multichannel pipettors.
  • Removable Cluster Tubes make it easy to process row by row or column by column procedures with single, 8 strip or 12 strip tubes/caps.
  • Lids with individual condensation rings above each tube, prevent cross contamination.
  • Tubes, in racks with lids, may be centrifuged, or shaken with homogenizing balls for plant genetics research. (with Non-vented Caps)
  • Vented caps are ideal for most other applications as they will not pop-up during incubation or -80C storage.
  • Tubes, Racked Tubes are ideal for long term frozen sample storage library.
  • Non-reversible lid, with 8×12 alphanumeric grid, ensures positive tube position and sample identification.
  • Solvent resistant polypropylene tubes, racks and Lids are compatible with most organic solvents and DMSO.


0.65ml Natural Polypropylene Microtubes
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