200ul Multi-Tips in EcoStak Racks

Sorenson Bioscience Inc

5-200ul Multi-Tips are manufactured using research grade virgin polypropylene. Tips have beveled orifices. This stackrack system reduces waste by 50%. The advanced rack design keeps the pipette tips stable, allowing for easy, efficient single and multi-channel pipettor loading. Tips and racks are fully autoclavable. The racks are manufactured from 100% recycled polypropylene. Choose Natural or Yellow Tips. (Natural polypropylene tips are metal free). Choose standard or low binding tips (low binding tips use a Bonded Polymer Technology to bond a proprietary polymer to the tip resin – resulting in a hydrophobic surface that reduces the surface tension on the interior wall of the pipette tip, giving minimal sample binding). No additives such as silicone are used in the low binding tips – consequently on leaching and subsequent sample degradation occur. The chemically resistant polymer cannot be removed with common laboratory solvents such as chloroform or chloroethene.

Each Stack consists of five individual racks. Each rack contains 96 tips. Each rack has its own lid and base. Each Stack has a total of 480 tips).

There are 10 stacks per case = 10×480 = 4,800 tips per case.

Certified RNase/DNase, DNA, Pyrogens and PCR Inhibitors Free.


Standard tips are not graduated.

Low Binding tips are not graduated.

Graduated tips are graduated at 10ul, 50ul and 100ul.


200ul Multi-Tips in EcoStak Racks
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