3D Cell Transfection Kit

BioCellChallenge SAS

3D Cell Transfection Kit Advantages :

In vivo-like cell culture environment.

High transfection efficiency & reproducibility.

Increased protein production.

Longer transgene expression.

Easy separation of proteins secreted by 3D transfected cells.

One step- Transfect & Seed – Protocol.

Compatible with inverted light microscope.

Easy to handle scaffolds.

3D Cell Transfection Kit is ideal to transfect :

Adherent cell lines.

Primary & stem cell culture.

The 3D Cell Transfection Kit is based on a unique in vitro transfection technology which allows researchers to achieve high delivery efficiencies of plasmid DNA into 3D cultured cells. This innovative product includes a sterile plate containing 3D Cell Culture Scaffolds (3D Biotek, LLC) and an especially designed 3D Transfection Reagent (BioCellChallenge, SAS). With this kit, researchers can now perform extended 3D transgene expression studies in cells grown in physiological-like tissue environments.

3D Cell Culture Scaffolds are made from polystyrene, the same material as traditional tissue culture plates. The combination of polystyrene’s transparency and the porous structural design of 3D Cell Culture Scaffolds allows researchers to monitor cell growth and transfection efficiency under an inverted light microscope.

3D Cell Culture Scaffolds within the 3D Cell Transfection Kit have increased surface areas compared with 2D cell culture plates. As a result, more cells can be transfected on 3D Cell Culture Scaffolds while using the same size cell culture plates.

3D Cell Culture Scaffolds will not absorb cytokines, growth factors, or any other molecules. Therefore, molecules secreted by the transfected cells can easily be separated or recovered from culture medium without extensive separation steps.

3D-DNA24 : Contains 12 inserts for a 24-well plate (ref. PS152024-12) and 200 µL of 3D Transfection Reagent (ref. TDG200)

3D-DNA96 : Contains 24 inserts for a 96-well plate (ref. PS152096-24) and 100 µL of 3D Transfection Reagent (ref. TDG100)

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3D Cell Transfection Kit
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