8-Hydroxy-2-Deoxyguanosine EIA Kit (DNA Damage Kit)

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Description :

8-hydroxy-2-deoxy Guanosine (8-OH-dG) is a product of oxidative damage of DNA by reactive oxygen and nitrogen species and serves as an established marker of oxidative stress. Hydroxylation of guanosine occurs in response to both normal metabolic processes and a variety of environmental factors. Increased levels of 8-OH-dG are associated with the aging process as well as with a number of pathological conditions including cancer, diabetes, and hypertension. StressMarq’s 8-OH-dG EIA is a competitive assay that can be used for the quantification of 8-OH-dG in urine, cell culture, plasma, and other sample matrices. The EIA utilizes an anti-mouse IgG-coated plate and a tracer consisting of an 8-OH-dG-enzyme conjugate. This format has the advantage of providing low variability and increased sensitivity compared to assays that utilize an antigen-coated plate. Our EIA typically displays IC50 (50% B/B0) and IC80 (80% B/B0) values of approximately 100 and 30 pg/ml, respectively. It is important to note that the 8-OH-dG antibody used in this assay recognizes both free 8-OH-dG and DNA-incorporated 8-OH-dG. Since complex samples such as plasma, cell lysates, and tissues are comprised of mixtures of DNA fragments and free 8-OH-dG, concentrations of 8-OH-dG reported by EIA methodology will not coincide with those reported by LC-MS where the single nucleoside is typically measured. This should be kept in mind when analyzing and interpreting experimental results.

Synonyms: DNA Damage EIA Kit; 8-OH-dG ELISA Kit

Storage: -20°C


8-hydroxy-2-deoxy Guanosine 100%

8-hydroxy Guanosine 23%

8-hydroxy Guanine 23%

Guanosine <0.01%

Sensitivity: 30pg/mL

Range: 30-100pg/mL

Species Reactivity: Human

Sample Types: Urine, Cell culture, Plasma, and other sample matrices

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8-Hydroxy-2-Deoxyguanosine EIA Kit (DNA Damage Kit)
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