?-amyloid (1-16)

Ontores Biotechnologies

Category : Signal Transduction Peptides

Purity : 95%

Sequence (One Letter Code) : DAEFRHDSGYEVHHQK

Sequence (Three letter Code) : {Asp}{Ala}{Glu}{Phe}{Arg}{His}{Asp}{Ser}{Gly}{Tyr}{Glu}{Val}{His}{His}{Gln}{Lys}

Proteins interactions with reactive oxygen agents may result in covalent modifications of amino acid residues in proteins, formation of protein-protein cross-linkages and oxidation of the protein backbone resulting in protein fragmentation. Oxidation targets for Beta-amyloid (1-16) are the histidine residues coordinated to the metal ions. Copper is bound to Aß in senile plaque of Alzheimer’s disease with Beta-amyloid (1-16) taking part in the coordination of the Cu2+ ions. Cu2+ and Zn2+ are linked with the neurotoxicity of Aß and free radical damage.

Mol Wt : 1955.02

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