Antibody Amplifier Platform

Stressmarq Biosciences

Product : Antibody AmplifierTM Platform  (red)

Application : Immunohistochemistry (IHC), Immunofluorescence (IF), live and fixed cell techniques

Quantity : 12 watertight wells that each fit a standard microscope slide

Use/ Stability  : Resistant to xylenes, ethanol, autoclavable

Storage : Room Temperature; shipped ambient

Product Description : The Antibody Amplifier™ is an apparatus for IHC and IF that utilizes a submersion method to saturate mounted tissue on slides with extremely diluted antibody. The Antibody Amplifier™ rocks slides on a standard laboratory rocker during antibody incubation steps. It contains 12 watertight wells, each capable of holding a single standard microscope slide in 3 mls of reagent. It is covered with a snap-on lid. It overcomes the typical problems that occur in IHC and IF, mainly uneven staining, lack of reproducibility, and high antibody costs. The introduction of the patent-pending Antibody Amplifier™ has revolutionized IHC by combining techniques used in western blotting and applying them to IHC.

The benefits of the Antibody Amplifier™ include:

1. Guaranteed even staining

– a result of innovative incubation methods

2. Reproducible results

– a result of even staining

3. Save money on antibody costs

-significantly increase antibody dilutions up to 1:5,000,000

-the convenience of freezing and reusing antibodies

Antibody Amplifier™ boxes can be stacked on a rocker; they should be taped together for further stability.

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