Breast Cancer /Vigilance Necktie (Codepinks/Navy)


Breast Ca /Vigilance

The battle against BREAST CANCER is not gender specific, nor is the concept of VIGILANCE when confronting serious threats to public health.  Early detection through screening – self exam, imaging and clinical exam – can result in successful survival rates exceeding 90%.   While awareness is critical, continued VIGILANCE is imperative for detection prior to symptoms, when the condition is most easily treatable.
This handsome design features codified reds and pinks, subtly camouflaging a cellular reminder that a serious threat requires constant vigilance.
Original image of breast cancer cell courtesy of National Cancer Institute


"Learning Note" and source credentials on reverse side of every tie.

Be creative in your own fight against disease and take pride in knowing that a portion of all sale proceeds goes to research and education


Breast Cancer /Vigilance Necktie (Codepinks/Navy)
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