C5a (His-Tag), murine recombinant protein


Short Summary : C5a, expressed in E. coli, suitable for cell culture.

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Storage : Store at -20°C

Description : Mouse complement C5a is a 77-amino acid peptide and is generated during complement activation from the ?-chain of complement C5. Its molecular mass is 9 kDa. Mouse C5a shares 60% and 82% amino acid sequence identity to human C5a and rat C5a, respectively. Mouse C5a binds to a signaling G-protein coupled receptor (GPCR). It also triggers an oxidative burst in neutrophils and macrophages, and induces release of histamine in mast cells and basophils. C5a is necessary to the early priming stages of hepatocyte regeneration. Interception of C5a receptor signaling resulted in inhibiting of IL-6/TNF? induction and lack of C5a and C3 receptor stimulation attenuated nuclear factor–?B/STAT-3 activation after hepatectomy. The 9 kDa mouse C5a protein expressed in E. coli has a N-terminal his-tag sequence.

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