Cinnabar High Yield E. coli Growth Media – Sterile

Teknova Inc

Description : Cinnabar High Yield E. coli Growth Media, 1000mL, Sterile.
Animal-Free Cinnabar High Yield Media for the growth of E. coli.
This media contains glycerol; additional carbon sources can be added.  

Shipping Conditions : Ambient.
Storage Conditions : Room Temperature

  • Complex animal free media
  • E. coli reaches OD’s of 40-65 upon overnight growth compared
    to OD’s of 3-5 in LB media & OD’s of 15-25 in Terrific Broth
  • Protein expression & purification
        Autoinduction with 0.01-0.1mM IPTG
  • Available in large scale quantities
  • Suitable for Fermentors and Bioreactors
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