EC-Oxyrase Enzyme System

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EC-Oxyrase® is a standarized, filtered-sterile, enzyme preparation.

It is made to have a minimum of 30 Oxyrase Units per ml over its shelf life, if kept as specified.

The enzymatic activity of EC-Oxyrase® resides on membrane particles that are about 0.1 micron in size.

An Oxyrase Unit is defined as that amount of activity that reduces dissolved oxygen, at 37C and pH 8.4 in a phosphate buffer with lactate as substrate, at the rate of 1% per second (see figure 1). Under these conditions, 0.3 unit of EC-Oxyrase® can reduce dissolved oxygen at saturation to levels measured in ppb in about 4 minutes (see figure 2).

EC-Oxyrase is active over a wide temperature range (see figure 3). It can be kept at 40C for hours without substantial loss of activity. It is heat inactivated above 55C.

EC-Oxyrase® operates over a wide pH range of 6.8 to 9.4 (see figure 4). The optimum pH is about 8.0. As the pH moves away from optimum, activity decreases. The lower activity level can be compensated for by increasing time to complete oxygen removal or by increasing EC-Oxyrase® concentration.

EC-Oxyrase® requires substrate to be active. Levels at 10 mM to 20 mM are adequate.  See the Product Insert in the Learning Center for additional information on sustrates and their use.

To maintain stability, EC-Oxyrase® must be stored at constant – 20C or lower. It may be thawed and refrozen several times without loss of activity.

Note : This product is also available as a non-sterile version see product codes NS-0500 and NS1000 below

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EC-Oxyrase Enzyme System
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