EZ Rich Defined Medium Kit Methionine Free

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EZ Rich Defined Medium Kit Methionine Free

Description:  This product is a kit that consists of the following items.

M2101 10X MOPS Mixture 100 ml

M2102 0.132 M K2HPO4 10 ml

M2103 10X ACGU 100 ml

M2109 5X Supplement EZ Minus Methionine 200 ml

W0225 Sterile H2O 580 ml   *

G0520 20% Glucose 10 ml Total 1000 ml

Applications: (Each kit makes 5 liters.) EZ Rich Defined Medium Methionine Free is designed for the growth of E.coli and other enterobacteria. This formulation is a modification of Neidhart supplemented MOPS defined media.
Reference: Neidhardt, F. C., P. L. Bloch, and D. F. Smith. 1974. Culture medium for enterobacteria. J Bacteriol. 119:736-47.
Shipping Conditions:
  M2101, M2103 and M2109 should be stored frozen. M2102 and G0520 should be stored at room temperature.

A 20% solution of glucose (G0520) is supplied with this kit to be used as the carbon source. Additional concentrated sugar solutions are available from Teknova.

Optional – 0.1ml of a 1mg/ml sterile solution of Thiamine may be added for strains requiring Thiamine.

* Sterilized H20 is not included in the kit may be ordered separat

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