FKBP52 Mouse Monoclonal Antibody (Clone Hi52C)

Stressmarq Biosciences

Product : Mouse Anti-FKBP52 antibody, monoclonal

Clone : Hi52C

Immunogen : Synthetic peptide corresponding to the residues of human FKBP52

Host and Subclass : Mouse, IgG1

Cited Applications : WB (1), IP (1), IHC: Paraffin embedded sections (1)

Specificity : Detects an ~52 kDa protein representing FKBP52 in HeLa cell lysate. Also detects FKBP52 in whole tissue extracts from rat kidney and rat and mouse testes. Heavy chain migrates close to FKBP52 on SDS-PAGE.

Species crossreactivity : Canine, Hamster, Human, Mouse, Rat

Format : Mouse immunoglobulin in PBS in 50% glycerol and 0.09% sodium azide. Protein G purified.

Concentration and working dilution : 1.0 mg/mL; 1:2000 dilution for Western blot. 5µg with 10-20µL Protein A beads for IP, IHC dilution 1:250.

Storage and stability : -20°C; 1 year+; shipped on cold packs or ambient

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