Hepatitis C Scarf (Berry/Black)


“Hep C” is a contagious liver disease caused by the hepatitis C (HCV) virus.  It is the most common bloodborne disease in the United States, most infections today originating from the sharing of needles or other drug injection materials. Hep C is often called the “silent disease,” in that the chronic stage might not reveal itself for many years after serious damage to the liver has already occurred.  
There is currently no cure nor vaccine available for Hep C, which makes it even more critical to increase awareness and support for research funding. (It is 4 times more prevalent that HIV!)

Note:  a portion of all revenues from sale of Hep C items will be donated to the Greenview Hepatitis Fund, which supports the U. of Michigan Hepatitis C research efforts.

Original images provided by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Atlanta, GA.

The name of the design is discreetly displayed on the border of the scarf (inconspicuous when worn.)

Hepatitis C Scarf (Berry/Black)
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