HIV p17 Gag (77-85)

Ontores Biotechnologies

Category : Virus Peptide

Purity : 95%

Sequence (One Letter Code) : SLYNTVATL

Sequence (Three letter Code) : {SER}{LEU}{TYR}{ASN}{THR}{VAL}{ALA}{THR}{LEU}

HIV-1 gag p17 protein is an attractive target for molecular intervention, because it is involved in the viral replication cycle at both the pre- and postintegration levels. In the present experiments, we targeted p17 by intracellularly expressing a cDNA encoding an Ab to p17. cDNA from a hybridoma-secreting Ab to p17 was cloned, sequenced, reconstructed as a single-chain Ab fragment (scFv), and expressed in the cytoplasm or nucleus with appropriate retention signals. The expressed scFvs had no effect on T cell growth or CD4 expression and bound specifically to HIV-1 p17. Human CD4+ Jurkat T cells that expressed scFvs and were infected with HIV-1 showed a marked reduction in virus replication compared with cells expressing vector alone. The inhibition of virus replication was more pronounced when scFvs were expressed in the cytoplasm rather than the nucleus. From these studies, we conclude that the intracellular expression of a single-chain Ab to p17 inhibits HIV replication; in addition, the degree of inhibition is related to the intracellular targeting site.

Mol Wt : 981.11

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