Hsp101/ ClpB-CT (Maize) Rabbit Polyclonal, Antibody

Stressmarq Biosciences

Product : Rabbit anti-Hsp101/ ClpB- C-terminal antibody; polyclonal

Clone : N/A

Immunogen : 15aa peptide sequence form the C-terminus of maize Hsp101 (1) Gene accession number: AF077337 (2).

Host and Subclass : Rabbit

Cited Applications : WB

Specificity : ~101kDa

Species crossreactivity : Zea mays. No reactivity to other cereal Hsp101

Format : Lyophilized rabbit serum (For reconstitution add 200uL of sterile water)

Concentration and working dilution : Recommended dilution for WB 1:2000 with ECL or AP

Storage and stability : -20°C; 1 year+

Shipped : Cold Gel Packs


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