Hsp65 ELISA Kit

Stressmarq Biosciences

StressMarq Biosciences Inc.’s Molecular Signature® Series ELISA Kit is for the detection of Hsp65 in cell lysates, tissue extracts, and serum samples. Each kit contains sufficient components to quantitate the Hsp65 concentration in up to 40 samples, tested in duplicate.

Assay Range: 0.344-22 ng/mL

• Suggested standard curve points are 22 ng/mL, 11 ng/mL, 5.5 ng/mL, 2.75 ng/ mL, 1.375 ng/mL, 0.688 ng/mL, 0.344 ng/mL, and 0 ng/mL.

Assay Specificity and Species Reactivity

• This assay is specific for Hsp65.

• The Hsp65 ELISA has been validated for the detection of Hsp65. Sensitivity

• The calculated sensitivity of the Hsp65 ELISA is 0.06 ng/mL.

Assay Limitations

• This assay has been validated for use with cell lysates, tissue extracts, and serum. Other sample types or matrices (e.g. urine, cerebrospinal fluid, cell culture supernatant, etc.) may contain interfering factors that can compromise the performance of the assay or produce inaccurate results.

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