Human Adiponectin EIA Kit

Bertin Pharma (formerly SPI Bio)

Format : Enzyme linked ImmunoSorbent Assay

Application Media : Human serum and plasma

Tracer label : HRP

Sample volume : 10ul

Limit of detection : 0.7ug/ml

Standard curve range : 0.1-10ug/ml

Stability : 6 months

Storage : +4°C

Shipping : Wet ice

Size : 96 Wells

Description : Adiponectin, also referred to as Acrp30, AdipoQ and GBP-28, is an 244 aminoacid protein, which is physiologically active, specifically and highly expressed in adipose cells (adipokine). Adiponectin forms homotrimers, which are the building blocks for higher order complexes found circulating in serum.

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Articles :

A novel serum protein similar to C1q, produced exclusively in adipocytes.
Scherer PE, Williams S, Fogliano M, Baldini G, Lodish HF. J Biol Chem. 1995, 270, 26746-26749.

cDNA cloning and expression of a novel adipose specific collagen-like fact

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