ImmunoCellin – Antibody Delivery Reagent

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ImmunoCellin Antibody Delivery Reagent Advantages :

Effective intracellular delivery of antibodies.

High Reproducibility.

No Toxicity.

Serum Compatable.

Efficient with a wide variety of cell types including primary cells.

Applications :

Immunolabeling in live cells.

Intracellular delivery of blocking or neutralizing antibodies.

Antibodies are not able to pass through plasmic membranes of live cells towards potential intracellular targets. Thousands of antibodies have been developped as tools for the scientists. Their intracellular delivery opens new fields of investigation for both research and therapeutic applications.

This system could also be more specific to modulate intracellular protein functions. For example, siRNA intracellular delivery allows to shut down the expression and all the functions of the targeted protein. However, if this protein has several different function inside cells, it could be more advisable to inhibit only one of them by using a specific monoclonal antibody.

ImmunoCellin (patent pending) is a very efficient and non-toxic antibody intracellular delivery reagent based on a cationic lipids formulation. It allows encapsulating antibodies through non-covalent interactions. Since no organic chemical coupling occurs, the delivered antibodies retain their structure and function. This system is not inhibited by the presence of serum which make its use possible for in vivo approaches.

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ImmunoCellin – Antibody Delivery Reagent
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