Influenza A Bow Tie (Beige & Blue)


Influenza-A (Grippe) causes the “flu,” a highly contagious, potentially dangerous infection of the respiratory tract. Because it is so common, it often does not get the respect it deserves! In fact, the public health community is concerned about the possibility of global pandemic. Not sure our necktie is as effective as the vaccine, but it will sure make you look better!

BY POPULAR DEMAND: IA announces it’s newly developed strain of BioBows™, bowties for the "infectiously awareable." Designed in consultation with our bowtie guru, these little guys are imminently bowearable! Remember, "it’s like tying your shoelaces…!"

BioBows are 100% silk bowties, with the IA patterns and colors identical to its standard necktie counterpart. Each ‘bow is adjustable to 36" max length, with 2.5" butterflies.

Bow Ties are Manual (no clips), instructions are supplied with each bow tie.

Influenza A Bow Tie (Beige & Blue)
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