KDEL Rabbit Polyclonal Antibody

Stressmarq Biosciences

Product : Rabbit anti-KDEL antibody; polyclonal
Clone : N/A
Immunogen : KDEL containing peptide immunogen
Host and Subclass : Rabbit polyclonal
Cited Applications : WB, IHC
Specificity : Recognizes KDEL proteins, Grp94, Grp78, PDI and
Calreticulin. It may also see ERp57 and ERp29.
Species crossreactivity : Human, Mouse, Rat.
Format : Affinity Purified In PBS pH 7.2, in 50% glycerol with 0.09% azide.
Concentration and working dilution : 1mg/mL; 1:1000 dilution was
sufficient for detection by colorimetric analysis.
Storage and stability : -20°C; 1 year+; shipped on
cold packs or ambient.

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