LB Agar Plates with Carbenicillin -100. Sterile

Teknova Inc

LB Agar Plates, Carbenicillin-100

Ready to use LB agar plates (Miller formulation) for the growth of recombinant E. Coli.

All of our plates are made with the highest quality products and tested with a multitude of Gram positive and negative strains.

Formulation :
1.0% Tryptone
0.5% Yeast Extract
1.0% NaCl
100 µg/mL Carbenicillin
1.5% Agar

Shipping Conditions : Ambient

Storage Conditions : Refrigerate

LB Agar Plates with Carbenicillin -100. Sterile
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100mm Round 20/pk

£125.00 / €175.00 L1010 (20pk)

150mm Round 20/pk

£155.00 / €217.00 L5010 (20pk)

100mm x 100mm Plate 20/pk

£365.00 / €511.00 L3010 (4x20pk Minimum Order = 80 Plates)

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