Lumi-Phos HRP (PS-atto)

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Lumigen® Lumi-Phos HRP (PS-atto) is a substrate for the chemiluminescent detection of HRP conjugates. Reaction of the substrate with an HRP label rapidly generates sustained high-intensity luminescence for maximum detection sensitivity in solution assays. Lumigen PS-atto replaces Lumigen PS-1 for solution applications using peroxidase detection.

Stable Working Solution

An important and unique feature of Lumigen PS-atto is its extended storage stability. The working solution prepared by 1:1 mixing of aqueous solutions A and B is stable at room temperature for at least three weeks and at 4°C for four months. Lumigen PS-atto is the only peroxidase substrate that permits the working solution to be stored and used on an instrument with one injector.

Lumigen PS-atto couples a broad dynamic range with rapid generation of sustained luminescence and superior storage stability to provide unmatched convenience to the user.

Lumigen™ Lumi-Phos HRP (PS-atto) in Solution Assays and Immunoassays

    • Very rapid onset of chemiluminescence; stable peak intensity reached in seconds.
    • Excellent sensitivity — less than 10-21 moles HRP can be measured.
    • Linear calibration curves with slopes of log-log plots equal to 1.0 — one order of magnitude more enzyme yields one order of magnitude more light intensity.
    • Sustained luminescence — timing is less critical.
    • Light intensities can be read at any time to produce linear calibration curves.


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Lumi-Phos HRP (PS-atto)
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