Lumigen ECL Extra (TMA-3)

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Lumigen® ECL Extra TMA-3 is a substrate for the chemiluminescent detection of peroxidase conjugates on membranes. Reaction of the substrate with an HRP label generates sustained luminescence of the highest intensity.

A significant feature of Lumigen ECL Extra TMA-3 is it’s excellent stability. Unlike most other chemiluminescent peroxidase substrates, the working solution is stable at room temperature for at least three weeks and at 4°C for at least four months. With this stability, the working solution can be prepared and stored for later use.


Lumigen ECL Extra (TMA-3) in Western Blot Assays

    • Very rapid onset of chemiluminescence; images can be recorded in minutes.
    • Excellent sensitivity — low picogram quantities of antigens can be measured.
    • Reduced antibody usage — usually a 10-fold reduction of expensive antibody conjugates provides excellent results.
    • High sensitivity; equals or exceeds the performance of all other peroxidase substrates.
    • Sustained signal duration over several hours allows convenient imaging.
    • Short exposures; high signal intensity permits rapid visualization of blots.


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Lumigen ECL Extra (TMA-3)
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