Malaria /RBCs Neck Tie (Blue & Red)


Malaria is a serious infectious illness caused by the parasite Plasmodium falciparum. The parasites are injected into red blood cells by the Anopheles mosquito, causing the cells to eventually burst. In this accurately detailed design, taken directly from bloods smears by Dr. Rick Fairhurst, you malariologists will recognize the characteristic single and double "signet ring" appearance within the RBCs, overlaying the slide forms. A very cool design, and a wearable reminder that Malaria kills nearly 2 million people annually, and is becoming increasingly resistant to treatment.

Original images courtesy of Rick Fairhurst, M.D., Ph. D.

."Learning Note" and source credentials on reverse side of every tie.


Malaria /RBCs Neck Tie (Blue & Red)
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