Mold/Fungi Scarf (Black & Lime)



MOLD is a serious environmental hazard, composed of varying types of FUNGI, and has wide-reaching health-related, legal and financial implications.

Our pretty stunning design features the following stylish villains: Stachybotrys (oblong with hyphae at end): the classic, toxic black mold, found in water-damaged or "leaky" buildings. The spores are choka-block with a variety of toxins; Aspergillus: (flower-like): looks beautiful,like a fanning flower, but can produce a very a nasty aflatoxin; Penicillium (faint "artist’s brush" shape in background): a common environmental mold, with one of the more recognizable shapes for microbiologists .

Original images courtesy of Niall Hamilton, BSC (Bachelor/Science), BHB (Bachelor/Human Biology).

"Learning Note" and source credentials on reverse side of every scarf.

Mold/Fungi Scarf (Black & Lime)
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