NucleoBooster Transfection Reagent Enhancer

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Figure 1. Several cell lines were transfected with a well-know lipid-based transfection reagent (Reagent A) according to manufacturer’s protocol. For each cell line, transfections were performed with or without NucleoBooster. When NucleoBooster was used, GFP encoding plasmid was mixed with it prior to transfections. Transfection efficiencies were evaluated 48 h post transfections by using a cytofluorimeter.

NucleoBooster is a unique formulation which enhances transfection efficiency of plasmid DNA into cultured cells. Its compatibility has been successfully tested with most of well-known commercialy available lipid-based transfection reagents. NucleoBooster increases transfection efficiencies without modifying any characteristics and cell specificities of your regular transfection reagent. Simple and rapid to use, NucleoBooster is compatible with any transfection protocol.

Product Advantages :

Increase transfection efficiencies.

Compatable with all lipid-based transfection reagents.

Not toxic.

Just mix NucleoBooster with DNA prior transfection.

No optimization required.


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NucleoBooster Transfection Reagent Enhancer
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