Poliovirus Neck Tie (Rotary Logo) (Yellow & Navy)


Presenting the Eradication Edition of our poliovirus (necktie, scarf) design, featuring incorporation of the famous Rotary International wheel logo. Rotary International and its PolioPlus foundation are at the forefront of the global campaign to eradicate polio once and for all! In conjunction with the World Health Organization and other agencies, Rotary International has helped eliminate this dread CNS disease in 98 – 99% of the world. A difficult challenge remains, however, to stamp out that last 1%, which if not addressed, could lead to reemergence. IA strongly supports this campaign and will donate a portion of every sale to the PolioPlus foundation to help in its continuing efforts.

"Learning Note" describing polio eradication, source credentials, Rotary and PolioPlus logos displayed on reverse side of tie.


Poliovirus Neck Tie (Rotary Logo) (Yellow & Navy)
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