Ribocellin Transfection Reagent

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Figure 1: RiboCellin is a powerful siRNA delivery reagent which allows very good gene knock-down even with low doses of siRNA. The indicated concentrations of siRNA, directed against GFP mRNA, were delivered in several cell lines seeded in 24-well plates.  2 µL of RiboCellin for HeLa and CHO cells,  3 µL of RiboCellin for SVEC cells and 4 µL of RiboCellin for MDCK cells were used. Cell fluorescence was monitored 96h post-delivery by cytofluorimetry. RiboCellin does not shown any toxicity or non-specific effects.

RiboCellin is a powerful lipid based in vitro delivery reagent which allows to achieve higher delivery efficiencies of siRNA (or dsRNA) into cell lines and primary cells as compared to other lipid and polymer based delivery reagents. It allows performing very good and reproducible gene silencing with minimum amounts of siRNA and extremely low non specific effect.

RiboCellin siRNA Transfection Reagent Advantages :

Effective silencing of your gene of interest even with low siRNA doses.

High reproducibility.

No toxicity.

Serum and antibiotics compatable.

Efficient with a wide variety of cell types including primary cells.

Applications :

siRNA and RNAi transfections.


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Ribocellin Transfection Reagent
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