Salmonella enterica PCR Detection Kit (Meat Product)

Norgen Biotek Corporation

Salmonella enterica PCR Detection Kit (Meat Product) (Cat# 32100 )

A ready-to-use system for the isolation and detection of S. enterica from meat products using end-point PCR

  • Rapid isolation of high quality DNA from meat products
  • Contains a ready-to-use 2X PCR Master Mix
  • High sensitivity and specificity
  • Includes an isolation control and a PCR control
  • Primer set and controls also available separately
  • Ideal for use in:
    1.  Food Surveillance and Monitoring
    2.  Surveys


  • Isolate High Quality, Inhibitor-Free DNA – Removal of highly concentrated salts, metabolic wastes and proteins provides high quality, concentrated DNA.
  • Rapid Procedure – Isolate and detect S. enterica in under 3 hours after sample enrichment
  • Accuracy in Interpreting Results – The amplification bands are clearly distinct, and the melt curves do not overlap
  • High Sensitivity and Specificity – The limit of detection is 1000 cfu/mL of enriched samples 
  • Purchase Primer Set and Controls Separately – The S. enterica Master Mix (with primers and PCR control), as well as the positive control and negative control can be purchased separately

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Salmonella enterica PCR Detection Kit (Meat Product)
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