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Perfecta3D® Spheroid Transfer Tool: Each (STT-1)
Individually Packaged.
Reusable. Untreated. Nonsterile.

The Perfecta3D Spheroid Transfer Tool is recommended for spheroid harvesting from the bottom of the 384-well Perfecta3D Hanging Drop Plate when every well is used.

The tool can be cleaned, sterilized and reused.

For best results, reduce the volume of the hanging drops to 15 μL before transfer. To use, first place the spheroid transfer tool so that the funnels are seated snugly on top of the receiving standard 384-well plate. Remove the bottom tray from the Hanging Drop Plate (HDP) assembly and hold the HDP above the STT-1, lining up the hanging drops with the corresponding top channel ring of the STT-1, and carefully set the HDP on top with a single smooth motion. Centrifuge the plate stack at 50 to 300 xg for 30 to 60 seconds. We recommend that you optimize this procedure to maximize transfer without damaging spheroids.

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