T.rex Scarf (Multicoloured & Black)


T. rex
This Dino, soars!   From slide of bone scan. Although a tiny departure from our usual public health related subjects, this hugely colorful T.rex design (check out a peek of Rex at bottom of scarf), created and copyrighted especially for the Museum of the Rockies in Bozeman, MT, stays true to our science-based themes.  Who knew dino bone could look this good!?
Tyrannosaurus rex histology slide used to study fossil bone microstructure. Curated by Jack Horner, the Museum of the Rockies’ Paleontology Department includes the Gabriel Laboratory for Cellular and Molecular Paleontology, which hosts the most extensive dinosaur paleohistology program in the world.
Image provided by E.T. Lamm, Museum of the Rockies, Montana State University-Bozeman.  Tyrannosaurus rex specimen discovered by author Homer Hickam.
Museum of the Rockies website:  www.museumoftherockies.org

"Learning Note" and source credentials on reverse side of every scarf.


T.rex Scarf (Multicoloured & Black)
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