TAT 2-4

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Category : Virus Peptide

Purity : 95%


Sequence (Three letter Code) : {TYR}{GLY}{ARG}{LYS}{LYS}{ARG}{ARG}{GLN}{ARG}{ARG}{ARG}{GLY}{TYR}{GLY}{ARG}{LYS}{LYS}{ARG}{ARG}{GLN}{ARG}{ARG}{ARG}{GLY}

The HIV Tat-derived peptide is a small basic peptide that has been successfully shown to deliver a large variety of cargoes, from small particles to proteins, peptides and nucleic acids. The ‘transduction domain’ or region conveying the cell penetrating properties appears to be confined to a small (9 amino acids) stretch of basic amino acids, with the sequence RKKRRQRRR.

Mol Wt : 3215.8

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