TNF-alpha Mouse ELISA Kit (1×96 Strip-Well Plate Kit)

ArborAssays Inc

Specifications :
Catalogue Number : K091-H1
Assay Type : Sandwich ELISA
Sample Types : Serum, Plasma, Tissue Culture Media
Sensitivity : 11.0 pg/mL
Species : Mouse
Incubation Time : 3.75 hours
Samples/Plate : 40 in duplicate
Readout : Colorimetric, 450 nm

Assay Principle :
The DetectX® TNF-alpha Mouse ELISA Kit is designed to quantitatively measure mouse TNF-alpha present in serum, plasma, and tissue culture media. The kit is a sandwich ELISA with total incubation time under 4 hours.

A recombinant mouse TNF-alpha standard is provided to generate a standard curve for the assay and all samples should be read off the standard curve. Standards or diluted samples are pipetted into a clear microtiter plate coated with a polyclonal antibody to capture TNF-alpha present in the sample. After a 2-hour incubation, the plate is washed. A biotinylated TNF-alpha antibody is added and the plate is incubated for an additional 60 minutes. Following a second wash, peroxidase-conjugated streptavidin is added, and the plate is incubated for 30 minutes and washed. Substrate is then added to the plate, which reacts with the bound peroxidase-conjugated streptavidin. After an incubation, the reaction is stopped and the intensity of the generated color is detected in a microtiter plate reader capable of measuring 450 nm wavelength. The concentration of the TNF-alpha in the sample is calculated, after making suitable correction for dilution, using software available with most plate readers.

Background :
TNF-alpha is the prototypic pro-inflammatory cytokine produced by macrophages/monocytes during acute inflammation and is responsible for a diverse range of signaling events within cells. TNF-alpha is also important for resistance to infection and cancers. It is central to host defense and inflammatory responses but under certain circumstances also triggers necrosis or apoptosis. Its pleiotropic effects often lead to opposing outcomes during the development of immune-mediated diseases such as cancer, Alzheimer’s, inflammatory bowel disease, Crohn’s Disease, ulcerative colitis, rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis, psoriasis, and noninfectious uveitis. As a result, a number of TNF-alpha therapies and biologic agents have been FDA approved.

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