Tubulin for HTS Applications Bovine Brain >97% Pure, Lyophilized

Cytoskeleton Inc

Product Uses Include :

  • Economical alternative to TL238 in primary screens for tubulin ligand drugs
  • High-throughput tubulin polymerization or depolymerization screens
  • Production of microtubule substrates for HTS motor assays

Material :
Tubulin protein has been isolated from bovine brain. The final product contains approximately 97% tubulin and 3% Microtubule Associated Proteins (MAPs). This version of bovine tubulin is an economical alternative to our highly purified tubulin (Cat. # TL238) for anti-tubulin ligand drug discovery. It has been formulated to be compatible with 96 or 384-well format polymerization assays such as in Biochem™ kits BK004 or BK011 or CytoDYNAMIX Screen™ CDS01.

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