Western Blot Detection Kit (Spray Type) 100ml

Viagen Biotech Inc

WEST-one is a very convenient product to use for detecting horseradish peroxidase-labeled proteins on a membrane.  Most luminol-based western blot reagents are susceptible to degradation over a short period of time.  This is not the case for WEST-one!  An all-in-one substrate/enhancer solution, WEST-one utilizes a stabilizing technology that does not require preparation and it is stable in the refrigerator for months. This stability translates directly to your experiments – WEST-one shows strong activity after long incubations with a blot even as other brands peter out.  And because it is available in a spray bottle, you don’t need to pipette or agitate the blot after treatment. Just point and spray – it’s that easy.Each firing releases 500 µl of solution so that it’s trivial to get good coverage without wasting a drop. This unique reagent system can detect less than 2 pg of protein on a membrane blot in under 10 minutes, with very little background, so that even weak signals can be detected. As compared with popular luminol-based products West-one shows the best sensitivity and broadest range of optimization for incubation and exposure times. Let WEST-one simplify your western blot protocol.

Stable for more than 12 months at 4°C

Western Blot Detection Kit (Spray Type) 100ml
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