ZZZ's, Dreams, Melatonin Scarf (Sky Blue)


ZZZ’s, Dreams, Melatonin

Healthy sleep is a complex blend of electrical rhythms and hormones, including: REM (rapid eye movement) for the dream state; Slow Wave for depth and tranquility; and Melatonin, a master regulatory hormone. Deficits in any of these elements can lead to debilitating sleep debt or disorder, conditions that are silently growing into a health crisis.  Take the IA Z-cure: chill with “ZZZ’s and Dreams,” an accurate reproduction of molecular Melatonin, and actual REM and Slow Wave EEGs.

Original REM and Slow Wave images courtesy of Sarah Lamm Elder, MS, RPSGT, aka Sleepgeek!

"Learning Note" and source credentials on reverse side of every scarf.


ZZZ's, Dreams, Melatonin Scarf (Sky Blue)
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