3D Biomatrix

3D Biomatrix provides three dimensional (3D) cell culture plates and scaffolds (matrices). Our 3D cell culture solutions boost life sciences research and drug discovery/testing applications by providing life-like results. Cells grown on 3D Biomatrix products have been shown to retain a much higher complexity of body response than traditional 2D cell cultures.

With our Perfecta3D™ products, efficacy and toxicity analysis is improved, giving pharmaceutical and biotech researchers more accurate results sooner rather than later in their drug discovery.

The in-vitro aspects of Perfecta3D™ products allow information gathering about the behavior of a drug at the early stages of the discovery process, rather than the late or clinical trial stages. This will allow users to identify compounds early on that would normally fail late in the process, reducing spending on development and testing of false positives.

Cells grown in typical 2D environments do not mimic the 3D cell environment of living things. Therefore, therapies that show promise with 2D cells often fail in later stage development. By screening drug candidates in our 3D environment, our pre-clinical drug discovery customers: (1) Screen out ineffective therapies early in the process; (2) Spend time and resources on promising candidates.

Simply put, if a drug candidate looks promising in our 3D environment, it has a greater probability of working in the living environment.

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Perfecta 3D 96 Well Hanging Drop Plate

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Perfecta 3D 384 Well Hanging Drop Plates

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