GlycoMatrix Inc

GlycoMatrix™ is a new division of bioWORLD. Using our U.S. based manufacturing capability, GlycoMatrix™ has introduced a broad range of the most relevant lectins. Our extensive portfolio contains lectin conjugates for the detection of specific glycoproteins & cancer biomarkers in histological applications, as well as separation and purification matrices, including Separopore® agarose beads, MagneZoom™ paramagnetic beads, and BlackPearl® magnetic Separopore® beads. GlycoMatrix™ lectins have become increasingly important tools in the molecular and cellular biology areas for studying carbohydrates, glycoproteins, and cancer biomarkers.

Recent products

Agaricus bisporus (Mushroom) Lectin (ABA/ABL) - Colloidal Gold

£698.12 / 977.37 BioWorld Shipping

Agaricus bisporus (Mushroom) Lectin (ABA/ABL) - Biotinylated

£308.12£542.12 / 431.37758.97 BioWorld Shipping

Agaricus bisporus (Mushroom) Lectin (ABA/ABL) - AP (Alkaline Phosphatase)

£620.12 / 868.17 BioWorld Shipping

Acrytol Mounting Medium

£39.00 / 54.60 BioWorld Shipping

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