You can order from the Bioquote catalogue by phone, fax, post, email or our website using the contact details above.

New product lines are continually being added to the website, so please contact us if you do not find what you want here.

The following shipping rates apply to deliveries to the UK only. (Rates include packaging).

Our shipping rates are dependent on the kind of packing required:

(For shipping charges outside the UK please contact us).

Standard Shipping  +£15.00

Cold Gel Packs Shipping  +£15.00

UK Recorded Delivery Shipping  +£3.95

Dry Ice Shipping  +£25.00

Jena Shipping  +£20.00

Live Cells Shipping  +£200.00

Dry Shipper (Cells)  +£250.00

BioWorld Shipping  +£20.00