Alphabioregen is a regenerative medicine based biotechnology company, located in Boston Massachusetts.

We specialize in providing you with a unique approach to 3D tissue engineering helping your specific research goals.

Our team of experts will help you recognize the problems and take action to decrease or eliminate potential impacts to your research, by using 3D tissue models that mimic organs of the living host.

3D tissue models provide a means for systematic and pharmacodynamic analysis of drugs.

At Alphabioregen, we want to help you move your research from 2D to 3D formats. This is why we manufacture 3D supporting products. We construct living 3D human tissues that are proven to function like native tissues. Our Tissues have very high reproducibility, and accurately represent human biology. Our ground-breaking Therapeutic areas of focuses are:

Heart disease
Cancer (malignant neoplasms)
Chronic lower respiratory disease
Stroke (cerebrovascular diseases)
Alzheimer’s disease

Our cutting edge 3D technology will help you answer some profound questions when it comes to early stage drug discovery and developments. Our models will help fill the gap between preclinical testing and clinical trials.

Recent products

Blood Brain Barrier Transportation Media

£225.00 / 315.00 Dry Ice

AlphaCryoPreserve Medium

£165.00 / 231.00 Dry Ice

Neuro-Endopharmaceuticals Media

£375.00 / 525.00 Dry Ice

Alpha-Glia Growth Medium

£300.00 / 420.00 Dry Ice

Neurone Growth Media

£300.00 / 420.00 Dry Ice

Blood Brain Barrier Growth Media

£225.00 / 315.00 Dry Ice

Mesenchymal Stem Cell Growth Medium

£300.00 / 420.00 Dry Ice

Stem Cell Growth Medium Xeno-free

£450.00 / 630.00 Dry Ice

Alpha-co-Culture Medium

£277.50 / 388.50 Dry Ice

Endothelial Growth Medium Phenol Red Free

£262.50 / 367.50 Dry Ice

Astrocyte Basal Medium

£195.00 / 273.00 Dry Ice

Endothelial Growth Supplements

£165.00 / 231.00 Dry Ice

Pericyte Growth Medium

£325.00 / 455.00 Dry Ice

Pericye Basal Medium

£265.00 / 371.00 Dry Ice

Astrocyte Growth Medium

£262.50 / 367.50 Dry Ice

Endothelial Growth Medium Pre-Mixed

£295.00 / 413.00 Dry Ice

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