CHI Scientific

CHI Scientific, Inc., is an innovative biotechnology laboratory research tool company. The company is developing and marketing mid-range and high-end proprietary research products. These products fundamentally accelerate research and drug discovery in an important segment of the worldwide life science lab products market. The company’s products are designed to capture a significant share of the market in which productivity is mission-critical.

Cell culture and tissue culture methods are essential to successful life science research and development, but they remain challenging to carry out. Existing culture methods are time consuming, and their results are notoriously susceptible to varying lab conditions and ingredient sensitivity. Consequently, their results suffer from a lack of consistency. Repeatability is not assured and is, in fact, difficult to achieve. CHI Scientific has taken hard-earned, hands-on laboratory research experience and developed a proprietary product line of protocols and associated reagent kits that deliver higher-quality outcomes, dramatically reducing the time and effort to perform cell/tissue culturing and creating standardized results.

The CHI Scientific business model features a lean, direct-to-target researcher/purchaser/user marketing approach. The company aims to build a strong brand and product platform and position itself as a premier supplier to the life science researcher in high-capacity institutional and commercial labs.

Founded in 2004, CHI Scientific is committed to develop and offer high-quality and low-cost products and services that bring life sciences research to a higher standard.

Recent products

Rat FibrOut™ 9, for tumors

£299.82£1,063.08 / 419.751,488.31 Cold Gel Packs

Rat FibrOut™ 7, for reproductive tissues

£354.35£1,226.62 / 496.091,717.27 Cold Gel Packs

Rat FibrOut™ 8, for thymus

£286.18£1,022.18 / 400.651,431.05 Cold Gel Packs

Rat FibrOut™ 6, for skin, heart

£286.18£1,076.70 / 400.651,507.38 Cold Gel Packs

Rat FibrOut™ 5, for adrenal, kidney, pancreas, pituitary

£299.82£1,063.08 / 419.751,488.31 Cold Gel Packs

Rat FibrOut™ 3, for bone, muscle

£327.08£1,158.46 / 457.911,621.84 Cold Gel Packs

Rat FibrOut™ 4, for brain, neural

£313.47£1,076.70 / 438.861,507.38 Cold Gel Packs

Rat FibrOut™ 2, for cartilage, liver

£299.82£1,076.70 / 419.751,507.38 Cold Gel Packs

Rat FibrOut™ 11, for blood vessels, endothelial tissues

£313.47£1,117.58 / 438.861,564.61 Cold Gel Packs

Rat FibrOut™ 10, for colon, intestines

£286.18£1,022.18 / 400.651,431.05 Cold Gel Packs

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