MiTeGen Inc

MiTeGen has been founded to develop and manufacture products for the small molecule and macromolecular crystallography communities. Our strength and focus is on applying concepts and technologies from physics and related fields to address the practical problems faced by our friends and collaborators in the structural biology community.

Recent products

Dual Thickness MicroMounts

£147.60 Standard

MicroRT Room Temperature Starter Kit 2

£795.00 Standard


£165.00 Standard

Retractable Utility Knife

£29.00 – £39.00 Standard

In Situ–1™ Crystallization Plate

£520.00 – £9,900.00 Standard

Medium Aperture Assortment 5 each of 50, 100, 150 and 200 µm aperture DT MicroLoops

£155.00 Standard

MiTeGen's Room Temperature Starter Kit

£75.00 – £395.00 Standard

Crystal Harvesting Sampler Kit 2

£695.00 Standard

MicroLoops LD, 50micron Aperture 18mm Rods

£147.60 Jena Shipping

75 µm aperture DT MicroLoops LD

£149.00 Standard

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