Emerald Bio

Emerald Bio is a leading provider of protein science solutions. We develop and supply sophisticated laboratory automation systems, reagent kits, stock solutions, proteins, and accessories for protein researchers. An innovation leader, the team at Emerald Bio continues to create award-winning research tools that accelerate discovery and decision-making in protein labs worldwide. Our instrument solutions automate protein purification, liquid handling, and protein crystallization. Our reagents and stock solutions are available individually, in convenient screens, and as custom products. As the demands of protein research continue to grow, we now provide high purity proteins.

Recent products

CombiClover 4 Chamber 4x250 Crystallization Plates

£385.00 / 539.00 Standard

Wizard III

£310.00 / 434.00 Jena Shipping

Wizard(TM) II

£310.00 / 434.00 Jena Shipping

Wizard(TM) I

£310.00 / 434.00 Jena Shipping

Wizard(TM) I + II

£600.00 / 840.00 Jena Shipping

Cryo(TM) II

£310.00 / 434.00 Jena Shipping

Cryo(TM) I + II

£575.00 / 805.00 Jena Shipping

Cryo(TM) I

£310.00 / 434.00 Jena Shipping

Wizard(TM) I + II Matrix Block

£242.18 / 339.05 Jena Shipping

Cryo(TM) I + II Matrix Block

£185.00 / 259.00 Jena Shipping