CombiClover 4 Chamber 4×250 Crystallization Plates

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A "COMPACT clover" design creates four separate reservoir partitions which are each connected to satellite drop chambers via dedicated vapor diffusion channels. 24 COMPACT clovers provide 96 flat bottom sitting drop chambers (30 microliter capacity) that are totally clear and free of any cold weld or molding ejection pin marks. A single COMPACT crystallization plate can accommodate 4 TIMES the number of crystallization trials as compared to other conventional plates of similar size. Reservoir chambers accommodate 250 microliters of crystallant, and extensive testing has shown that crystallization rates are comparable to other sitting drop devices, with final crystal size often surpassing that obtained using other crystallization methods. Plates are sealed in dust-free anti-static bags.

This product was formerly called CompactClover

CombiClover 4 Chamber 4×250 Crystallization Plates
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