Norgen Biotek Corporation

Norgen’s kits isolate truly total RNA (including microRNA) without the use of phenol extraction steps. This establishes our kits as the Gold Standard in RNA purification and thus offers significant competitive advantages.

Norgen Biotek Corp. is an innovative, rapidly growing privately-held Canadian biotechnology company focusing principally on advancing novel, innovative sample preparation products for nucleic acid (DNA & RNA) and protein purification, clean-up and concentration. Norgen has one platform technology with many applications based on a proprietary resin that can be applied in the purification of DNA, RNA and proteins. The uniqueness and novelty of this technology has been recognized by the National Research Council through awarding Norgen the prestigious “Innovation Leader Award for 2003”. The company holds more than a dozen issued patents and several others are pending. Norgen currently manufactures over 40 products that are used by researchers working in genomics and proteomics in academia, pharma/biotech companies, and government institutions. Sample preparation is the first step in hundreds of molecular biology applications fueling discovery for the genomics, proteomics, and molecular diagnostics markets.

Recent products

Plant/Fungi DNA Isolation Kit

£210.00£869.00 / 294.001,216.60 Standard

PCR Purification Kit

£100.00£465.00 / 140.00651.00 Standard

Olive Oil DNA Isolation Kit

£220.00 / 308.00 Standard

Plasma/Serum Cell-Free Circulating DNA Purification Midi Kit

£385.00 / 539.00 Standard

Milk DNA Preservation and Isolation Kit

£255.00 / 357.00 Standard

Urine Preservation

£200.00£525.00 / 280.00735.00 Standard

Stool Nucleic Acid Isolation Kit

£435.00 / 609.00 Standard

Genomic DNA Isolation Kit

£155.00£295.00 / 217.00413.00 Standard

Total RNA Purification Micro Kit

£305.00 / 427.00 Standard

Milk Bacterial DNA Isolation Kit

£295.00 / 413.00 Standard

Plasma/Serum Circulating DNA Purification Midi Kit (Slurry Format)

£200.00 / 280.00 Standard

FFPE RNA/DNA Purification Plus Kit

£470.00 / 658.00 Standard

Fatty Tissue RNA Purification Kit

£215.00 / 301.00 Standard

RNA/Protein Purification Plus Kit

£495.00 / 693.00 Standard

RBC Lysis Buffer

£55.00£495.00 / 77.00693.00 Standard

Total RNA Purification Kit

£275.00£422.00 / 385.00590.80 Standard

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