Fatty Tissue RNA Purification Kit

Norgen Biotek Corporation

For purification of total RNA (including microRNA) from animal tissues with high lipid content






  • Isolate high quality total RNA from hard to extract fatty tissues
  • Isolate total RNA, including microRNA (miRNA)
  • No phenol or chloroform extractions
  • Fast and easy processing using rapid spin-column format
  • Genomic DNA removal without the use of nucleases

Fatty Tissue RNA Purification Kit

This kit was deigned to extract high quality and yield from fatty tissues like brain, breast, adipose tissues, etc. Often Tissues that have high fat contents like brain, breast tissues, etc. can lead to low quality and yield RNA with no-optimized kit.

This kit provides a rapid and optimized method for the isolation and purification of total RNA from animal tissues with high lipid content, including brain and adipose tissues. The kit purifies all sizes of RNA down to microRNA (miRNA) without the use of inhibitory phenol or chloroform. While the kit is optimized for fatty tissues, it can also be used for most mammalian tissue samples.

The purified RNA is of the highest integrity, and can be used in a number of downstream applications including RT-qPCR, microarrays, NGS.

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Fatty Tissue RNA Purification Kit
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