Lumigen Inc

Lumigen, Inc. , an ISO 9001:2000 Registered Corporation, is the world’s largest supplier of chemiluminescent reagents to the clinical immunodiagnostics market. Lumigen, located in Southfield, Michigan, was founded in 1987 to research, develop, manufacture and market novel chemiluminescent compounds for use in life science research and medical diagnostics. Our chemiluminescent reagents are now used worldwide in automated systems for the chemiluminescent detection of alkaline phosphatase conjugates and in ultrasensitive assays in the fields of life science research and human identity testing.

At Lumigen, it is our goal to continually be at the forefront of the development of innovative new detection technologies for the clinical laboratory and life science research communities. This commitment to innovation is reflected in the current generation of products and in the development of still other exciting new technologies currently under way. Feel free to explore this site to learn how some of the many detection technologies developed at Lumigen can assist in the development of sensitive and robust assays.

Recent products

Lumigen SPARCL Background Reducing Agent

£255.00 / 357.00

Lumigen SPARCL Trigger Solution

£695.00 / 973.00

Lumigen SPARCL

£1,750.00 / 2,450.00 Cold Gel Packs

Lumigen HyPerBlu

£375.00£6,600.00 / 525.009,240.00 Cold Gel Packs

Lumi-Phos HRP (PS-atto)

£325.00£2,275.00 / 455.003,185.00 Cold Gel Packs

Lumigen ECL Ultra (TMA-6)

£355.00£2,500.00 / 497.003,500.00 Standard

Lumigen ECL Extra (TMA-3)

£325.00£1,995.00 / 455.002,793.00 Cold Gel Packs

Lumigen ECL Plus (PS-3)

£395.00 / 553.00 Cold Gel Packs

Lumi-Phos Plus

£325.00£1,995.00 / 455.002,793.00 Cold Gel Packs

Lumi-Phos 530

£325.00£1,775.00 / 455.002,485.00 Cold Gel Packs

Lumigen APS-5

£395.00£2,795.00 / 553.003,913.00 Cold Gel Packs