Lumigen APS-5

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ELISA AP Substrate
Lumigen APS-5 is a proprietary acridan based chemiluminescent substrate for ELISA detection of alkaline phosphatase (AP) conjugated molecules. The unique acridan chemistry of Lumigen APS-5 provides temperature insensitive light output and more rapid peak intensity as compared to the dioxetane based AP substrates, Lumi-Phos 530 and Lumi-Phos Plus.

Excellent sensitivity – low picogram to femtogram
Rapid peak intensity – reduced assay time and increased throughput
Temperature insensitive – analytical results are insensitive to temperatures from 22° C – 35° C reducing the need for precise temperature control
Sustained luminescence – timing is less critical with light intensities able to be read at any time to produce linear calibration curves
Rapid Peak Intensity
The light-output peak intensity of Lumigen APS-5 reaches sustained maximum within seconds of substrate addition. Light emission is maximal at 450 nm.

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Lumigen APS-5
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